Combo Course Includes:

HR4 Objective 4: Develop and conduct effective employee performance reviews.

  • Recognize appropriate performance indicators based on job description, company goals and other applicable criteria
  • Compare employee achievement results to defined performance indicators
  • Employ techniques and guidelines to conduct employee performance review
  • Develop and implement follow-up plan and monitor progress
  • Identify strategies for coaching and mentoring employees

HR6 Objective 6: Respond to employee performance by rewarding or disciplining.

  • Recognize the need to promote equity among team members in appraising employee performance
  • Identify performance level guidelines
  • Utilize parameters of company's employee reward programs and disciplinary procedures (e.g., pay increase, promotions, appeals, termination)
  • Identify and communicate performance expectations and outcomes/results to employees
  • Employ effective performance feedback communication to promote employee development