Combo Course Includes


  • Determine benefit and applicability of IS-BAO to the aviation department
  • Identify the registration process and levels
  • Identify elements of the standard (e.g., Safety Management System (SMS), training and proficiency, flight operations, organization and personnel requirements, safety programs, risk assessment and tools to implement)
  • Prepare for initial and subsequent audits (e.g., documentation, protocol checklist, selection of auditor, application package)


  • Identify regulatory requirements related to SMS
  • Formulate safety policy and objectives (e.g., management commitment, safety accountability, appointment of key safety personnel, SMS documentation)
  • Practice safety risk management (e.g., hazard identification, safety risk assessment and mitigation)
  • Evaluate safety assurance (e.g., safety performance, monitor, measurement, change management, review and revision of the SMS)
  • Practice safety promotion (e.g., safety culture survey, communication, training, education)
  • Evaluate developmental options (e.g. internal/external options)